Entry: it's 5.33 pm ..an hour and a half to go :) Monday, October 09, 2006

okay..time for an update. nanti kena sindir lagi..nak mourning pun tak senang..hahahahaha.... i was really very2 busy last week. let's see, had to work a lot and on top of that, i had to babysit. oh i was still moping on and off. and we are feeling so much better. still, for anybody who has experienced a loss of a loved one, it doesn't get better..but, we accepted what had been dealt to us.

well, last weekend, we went to kansas city and stayed with friends. then on sunday, we went to check out some of the malls that had gone out of business. went to macy's and got a couple of things. but what caught my attention was this place called 'purrfect pets'. it was a store, well not a store but a humane society type of place where they accept abandoned cats and took care of them. you have to pay a fee, an adoption fee, but they are all checked out by the vet. i saw a few that i liked that looked like hobbes. and i am thinking that, there is where i would get another cat.

i discovered that the dynamics are not the same. i need a cat that would come up to me and sit on my lap or next to me, like hobbes did. mr b will do that too, but not often. he will only be near us when we are in bed or when he wants something. and i found out that a female cat is good at that. there was this one year old cat called 'manx' and a small kitten called 'felicity'...manx is what i had in mind but, maybe have to reprogramme her..hehehe..will call her hobbes II. hartini, you were not the only one to suggest that name..hehe. so we'll see. i have also contacted the humane society here to be on a lookout for a female tabby. so we'll see.

today for buka..doc will have gyro and hummus and olives. i got for him all the sauces from our fave med store..yummmss! i will have my x-rated sambal..hehehehe...*winking at sri*...and i made lauk kangkong masak air with fishballs and suun. bau dia so lah harum..tak sabar nak tunggu buka. but then takut pulak nanti sekali tak sedap..hehehe. hancus harapan. will also make cinnamon rolls jugaklah for dessert.

ni ah gambar sambal dot dot dot..hahaha..and yang kat atas tu, the asam rebus kacang panjang that i made last week too. leh hirup2 like soup while eating the sambal. i still have the brown sungar brownie that i made last week too. hmmm..maybe will not make the cinnammon rolls. tunggu sampai brownie habis lah :)

i thought of sewing my own baju kurung. so we will wait and see if i will get around to doing it. right now, i have the baju that i bought back in 2001 and can still fit :) well, it could hardly fit me even back then, but this time i have losnt enought weight, that it fits comfortably. the baju doc yang pilih when we were there. it is this kebaya panjang, in thai silk. kaler pulak wahhhh..orange i tell you. nanti i amik gambar insyallah..but if not, i will wear my fav baju kurung made from kelantan silk. baju ni ada banyak memories. my dad got it i kelantan..that time he tukang jual kain..one day will tell you this story eh. anyway,this kaler, it's deep read with bright yellow flowers..well the outline jer..insyallah i amik gambar jugak..anyway, i still have it and dah alter the pinggang so can fit me now..maklumlah dah anak dua..most times dok rumah jer..makin tembam lah i ni :) so i can still wear that. infact, i think besok pakai baju kurung gi keje pun bagus.  biar omputeh kat sini terperanjat japs..hahaha :)

as for the girls, they have theirs already and doc pun dah ada baju melayu.  okaylah...nak gi prepare2 barang sikit. ingatkan dah nak buat muruku..but i takder tepung gram lah..i thought i had a bag but i must have used it all. takper..besok lusa nak gi kedai mama baru kat st. joe..dekat sikit tak yah nak gi kansas city :) okaylah..later everybody :)


October 11, 2006   10:38 AM PDT
sri..apa kate i kasi nama sri..kira honorable mention for you..hehehehe...but itu kucing jantan ler..mana leh leha..panggil minah eh :)

oh yes..tiga hari berturut2 i makan sambal tu. nanti i kasi nama glamer for that sambal. apa kater kita namakan sambal si sambal sedap :) i mana ada baju raya lah..itu baju dah berzaman nyer..i recycle..hehehehe. nak gi keje pakai baju kurung lah :) takper2 sri..pelan..esbob lagi penting dari baju raya atau kuih raya..kah kah kah kah :)

faridah :) tu sambal..ermm..nama dia tak sedap lah. according tu sri..it is dialect jawa but dunno why they kasi that name. it is lon***..hehehe. nanti i taruk resepi kat multiply okay. sambal tu kan..semua barang dia kena goreng layu gitu..bawang merah, lada padi or lada hijau, ikan bilis, asam and belacan..then tumbuk kat dalam batu lesong taruk garam and gula if you like. sedap :)

mona..camana nak namakan my cats nama melayu...semalam jer si sarina baca the resepi for the keropok ikan..the word bahan2..she said bahaner bahaner..and then asked me what is that ah mummy?...hai...and then nama kucing tu dah rudy..tak kan i nak tukar atan ker..awang ke...hehehe you are right. nengok sampai keropok ikan pun i kena buat sendiri :) tapi best gaklah..i get to leran new things..dulu my arwah nenek tiri mmg buat keropok ni time tinggal kat kampung. but pindah rumah flat..she stopped. her keropok sedap tau :)
October 11, 2006   01:41 AM PDT
Alhamdullilah...akhirnya my visit kali ni taklah sia-sia...ada gak update...yeee...Betul kata sri tu, hai takkan tinggal kat america nama cat semua nama mat saleh....nama male cat panggil 'wira' ke...hang tuah ke...at least mat saleh sana tau sejarah melayu. That food look delicious...tapi i kesian tengok u rosma...bende simple pon kena buat sendiri pasal kat sana tak jual...like mi kuning...muruku...and here i am take things for granted...mi , muruku semua kat bawah blok....makin ada bahan2 masakan pon masih malas nak masak...isshhhh!
October 10, 2006   02:22 AM PDT
tu sambal ape kak rosma?
October 10, 2006   02:19 AM PDT
bestnyer nak dpt cat baru...mesti cute2 eh..kasi nama lain sikit lah..marfuah ke,leha ke..

waaaa..itu sambal *beep* seleranyer..mmg..makan ngan nasi panas2 tu sedap tu..u share lah recipe sambal*beep* tu ngan kengkawan lelain...ubah nama sambal tu jadi sambal ole ole ole ke..sambal dangdut ke...tapi yg 'itu'..beep sudah ah...kekekek..camana lah word tu leh di kait ngan sambal sedap ni eh..
waaa..baju raya dah ada seyy..kita lum apa2 lagik..sebok ngan esbob dulu...tapi takkan nak pakai esbob gi jalan raya eh...haa...amik pix jgn tak amik...*satu ari mesti nak cuba to die for brownies tu*...

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