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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
sesungguh nyer aku berpuasa...sabar...sabar.. and keropok ikan baru pagi nih..i cam dah tak boleh tahan sikit. not tak tahan appetite or nfasu ke aper...i am taking care of this baby lah. my friend nyer baby. this boy is 9 mths old and i think his mother coddles him a lot. ni kes yang asyik kena dukung and kena pegang jer. whenever i pergi rumah dia..he is always in her arms. not that i tak pernah ada a kid like that..sarina was like that, but i jaga her myself. tak pernah tinggal kan her with anybody until she is older when i have to work. but by then..dah kena training, doc said to let her cry as that will teach her that we will not always be holding her.

i teringat time i just had sarina..nak masak pun tak boleh..that will the time that she is fussylah and all that he said give her to me..and he will take her upstairs..lie next to her and she will scream...wahh kadang tak tahan di buatnyer..kesian pun ada kat sarina but sometimes cannot rest gitu. so after a few times kan..she was better. dah tak so demanding..hehehe. anyway, i think this boy ni nak susu badan mak dialah. he is very i juet let him cry for a bit to make him tired and then hold him and voila...dah tido dah. dah tau ngantuk tu..pejam jer mata..ahh..tido..nanti kang dah besar ada time nak tido..tak leh tido nyer..hehe. anyway, my other friend yang kekadang jaga dia pun kena the same kind of treatment. we compared notes and the boy did exactly the same thing. kawan i yang satu ni mmg very one time i visit her time lunch, kesian i nengok dia..muka very the cramp..sebab she tak tahan the terpekik terlolong. kuat suara budak ni..and he is so big..i tak terdokong lah..imagine baru 9 bulan..almost as besar as sarah..baju pakai for 18 mths nyer...tapi kan..he is so cute :) time mood dia baik..wahhh..geram nengok dia..time nak tido..wahhh leh mintak ampun. ni ah muka budak cute ni.:) dah tido pun. ni nak taruk kat atas tilam pun susah..takut dia terbangun..hehe

semalam i masak lauk  sambal telur. i got like eggs from this local farmer and nampak sedap gitu telur tu. so rebus lah...dah rebus..ingatkan nak masak kari telur but cam tak sempat sebab i pun nak buat keropok ikan. then doc balik nampak ikan dia kata why not cook lauk pedas..kalau pedas tu kira sam pedas lah..bilang kat taim lah..i will just cook sambal telur okay. and then dia nengok i kikis isi ikan tu..he thought i am making something gourmet- ish..ah ah banyak nyer gourmet. he asked if i am making fish mousse..i said no lah...this is not salmon..this is ikan tenggiri..spanish mackerel..i am making keropok ikan.

i tak nampak pulak ikan tamban or selayang frozen kat sini. kalau ada i would have used that, but takper kiter try dulu ikan tenggiri ni..nengok sedap ke tidak eh. semalam time tengah hiris2 wahh sarina sambil susun sambil makan. she said sedap. i rasa sikit kira okaylah..better then the ones that my sis hantar, you know kind yang ikan kurang but tepung lebih pastu makan tak rasa apa2 pun. dua packet keropok ikan terengganu yang she hantar dah habis dah i bedal. tiap tiap hari i makan keropok tu. sedap tau. kalau nak beli keropok..beli yang kaler dia gelap..and bila goreng tak jadi kaler yang too cam tasteless..also depends on what kind of fish you use  i think.

anyway, time tengah buat tu...wahh..boleh tahan jugaklah bau ikan tu..but kejap jer..then rebus...pun sekejap ah tengah nak tunggu dia kering. that will be the true test lah katakan.  all in all i ada lah dapat about 4 baking sheets worth of keropok. but entah eh..maybe a bit tebal..maklumlah slicer dia pakai free hand gitu..hehehe. but at least it is not as thick as the ones that i bought made in indon. tu lagi tak kembang the keropok. but their keropok udang punyalah best :) dia punya kembang boleh tahan.  since semalam i kena keje buka kat leberi. ada roti tu i sapu with sambal and brought it with me..punyalah lah liat roti tu..tapi dah lapa jugak :) minum coke half a can jer...tak terabis pulak. then balik tu lah yang i terus hiris keropok then baru makan. but by then dah kenyang makan roti tu cam, dah tak termakan pulak nasi. so in the end hirup lauk air the night before. with kangkong, suun and fishballs :)

anyway, i saw a few cats at that shelter that i like right. here are some of the pics. but we have one already in mind. his name is rudy...mona camaner nak kasi nama melayu..seme cats diorang dah kasi nama lah. tak kan i nak tukar nama rudy jadi atan eh..hahahaha.

first i saw ladybug..cute nyer..i saw her..but maybe doc will let me take 2 cats we'll see.

ladybug    jiggles
        isn't she a cutie :)                                 diekni sebijik macam hobbes.

but i think we have decided on this one. here is his bio on the site that i have found.


You cannot ask for a more social cat than Rudy. Born with a neurological problem, his back legs wobble when he walks and runs. This does not slow him down one bit, though. He is a real doll and deserves a loving home.

there..kalau rezeki i dengan si rudy ni ada..bersamalah kiter sekeluarga..kalau tidak..jiggles :) or even lady bug..itu pun kalau lum ada orang nak amik they all ni seme :) cam tak sabar nak dapat new cat. i tried calling semalam, but they are open only during weekends jer. so sabar menanti lah i think slogan nyer si wasimon nyer mee soto nyer stall tak sri..hehe. oh by the way..the baby dah bangun. he took a 5 minutes power nap. anyway..later :)

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Monday, October 09, 2006
it's 5.33 pm hour and a half to go :)
okay..time for an update. nanti kena sindir lagi..nak mourning pun tak senang..hahahahaha.... i was really very2 busy last week. let's see, had to work a lot and on top of that, i had to babysit. oh i was still moping on and off. and we are feeling so much better. still, for anybody who has experienced a loss of a loved one, it doesn't get better..but, we accepted what had been dealt to us.

well, last weekend, we went to kansas city and stayed with friends. then on sunday, we went to check out some of the malls that had gone out of business. went to macy's and got a couple of things. but what caught my attention was this place called 'purrfect pets'. it was a store, well not a store but a humane society type of place where they accept abandoned cats and took care of them. you have to pay a fee, an adoption fee, but they are all checked out by the vet. i saw a few that i liked that looked like hobbes. and i am thinking that, there is where i would get another cat.

i discovered that the dynamics are not the same. i need a cat that would come up to me and sit on my lap or next to me, like hobbes did. mr b will do that too, but not often. he will only be near us when we are in bed or when he wants something. and i found out that a female cat is good at that. there was this one year old cat called 'manx' and a small kitten called 'felicity'...manx is what i had in mind but, maybe have to reprogramme her..hehehe..will call her hobbes II. hartini, you were not the only one to suggest that name..hehe. so we'll see. i have also contacted the humane society here to be on a lookout for a female tabby. so we'll see.

today for buka..doc will have gyro and hummus and olives. i got for him all the sauces from our fave med store..yummmss! i will have my x-rated sambal..hehehehe...*winking at sri*...and i made lauk kangkong masak air with fishballs and suun. bau dia so lah harum..tak sabar nak tunggu buka. but then takut pulak nanti sekali tak sedap..hehehe. hancus harapan. will also make cinnamon rolls jugaklah for dessert.

ni ah gambar sambal dot dot dot..hahaha..and yang kat atas tu, the asam rebus kacang panjang that i made last week too. leh hirup2 like soup while eating the sambal. i still have the brown sungar brownie that i made last week too. hmmm..maybe will not make the cinnammon rolls. tunggu sampai brownie habis lah :)

i thought of sewing my own baju kurung. so we will wait and see if i will get around to doing it. right now, i have the baju that i bought back in 2001 and can still fit :) well, it could hardly fit me even back then, but this time i have losnt enought weight, that it fits comfortably. the baju doc yang pilih when we were there. it is this kebaya panjang, in thai silk. kaler pulak i tell you. nanti i amik gambar insyallah..but if not, i will wear my fav baju kurung made from kelantan silk. baju ni ada banyak memories. my dad got it i kelantan..that time he tukang jual day will tell you this story eh. anyway,this kaler, it's deep read with bright yellow flowers..well the outline jer..insyallah i amik gambar jugak..anyway, i still have it and dah alter the pinggang so can fit me now..maklumlah dah anak dua..most times dok rumah jer..makin tembam lah i ni :) so i can still wear that. infact, i think besok pakai baju kurung gi keje pun bagus.  biar omputeh kat sini terperanjat japs..hahaha :)

as for the girls, they have theirs already and doc pun dah ada baju melayu.  okaylah...nak gi prepare2 barang sikit. ingatkan dah nak buat muruku..but i takder tepung gram lah..i thought i had a bag but i must have used it all. takper..besok lusa nak gi kedai mama baru kat st. joe..dekat sikit tak yah nak gi kansas city :) okaylah..later everybody :)

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